paris fashion review review (part one), thumbs down:

i'm a fan of gq, a huge fan really. in fact, a lot of my own style's inspiration and guidance has come from the refreshing, contemporary, and slightly sarcastic writers at gq. but this blog is not a fashion blog, just a quiet commentary to men style - and that must be good because i think some of this fashion stuff is completely ridiculous.

...recently the folks at gq released their favorite picks from the paris mens runway show. it's a good thing i'm not in the fashion industry, because i think it's a complete joke after seeing their big picks.


it's because of pictures like this (see below) that guys who try to dress nicer get made fun of. again, gq, i'm ever a fan, but if this is what you qualify as the "50 coolest things we saw in paris" then maybe keep looking around.

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