paris fashion review review (part 2), thumbs up:

gq paris fashion review review:
i'm still a little shaky after the box hats and leather renditions of the mexican poncho, but thankfully gq did pull through with two great items in their 50 greatest finds in paris article. i'm a huge fan of the hiking boot and man bag.

the hiking boot: 
directly below is the gq pick for a stylish way to incorporate the hiker in all of us into the daily good-looking grind.

honestly, i'd have to already have bought at least 60 pairs of real hiking boots and given away millions to charity before i'd spend any large sum of money on designer hiking boots. so, i went ahead and found some that i like better (below).

what i like is the solid, bullet-proof looking leather upper - makes the shoe look like something an old-school swiss climber would be rocking. the leather also makes them look a bit more dressed up than your average asolos or merrells, but the solid sole and goodyear welt on these ottowa hikers mean you have some sturdy, long-lasting winter boots fit for any task.

the man bag:
here we have gq's select from the paris fashion show - a go-to duffel bag for everything and anything.

i like duffel bags. i have a helly hansen duffel bag that's been scraped across the lonely southern utah slot canyons, stuffed into the back of my subaru for weekend trips, and borded onto planes to hawaii. it's not a purse - a purse is a large bag of all relatively useful things stuffed into one sack. the duffel bag is just my way of replacing those rolly bags in airports with something that may not be as practical, but fits my style. below is one by forest bound, my pick over the hermes bag gq had their sights on.

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