9.6 millimeters:

battle creek falls 
is barely a 1.2 mile hike up and back. the waterfall and hike are nestled in a deep valley running out of the cascade mountain range, and the quick access makes this place easily one of my favorite local get-aways. from early spring to late summer, the valley is impressively green, and with the valley walls so close, it's normally pretty quiet and secluded as well.

the battle creek falls trail head is literally at the very end of battle creek drive in pleasant grove, utah. pretty easy find.

every couple of weekends during the summer, i'll sling my preloaded canyoneering pack into the back of my car and go rappel the cold falls. there's something nearly existential about free hanging from a precipice on nothing but a 9.6 millimeter rope. the rush doesn't come from a fear of death - that goes away after your first or second rappel - it's more the concentration and seclusion that come from a complete focus on that 9.6mm rope. all of school, work, and life tends to melt away and for about 50 feet of rope, everything gets suspended. nothing beats perfectly clearing your mind.

look closely near the top left, it's a very happy me.

now that the mountains are finally thawing, battle creek is almost accessible. if you live in the area, it's worth the quick hike for an easy date, or escape. the falls are stunning, and the hike isn't grueling, so pack some food and have dinner watching the sunset atop the falls.

also if you ever see a guy in an old jurassic park hat dangling from a lime green rope, come say hi. maybe i'll even strap you in and let you have a go.

next up, some thoughts on manly accessories.

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