taking back the wedding, groom's rules:

starting with the groom, a few rules explaining the major dos and don't of mens style at a utah wedding:

1. do n-o-t rent a tux. they are not saving you money (i'll show you how). as they will never ever be tailored correctly, they are never ever worth your money

2. fit is king. this would be rule number one as always, but my rage towards tux rentals is just too great. fit is still basically tied for the the most important rule - especially in your tuxedo or suit, but also your shirt and everything else you may wear.

3. remember the rule of 51. when you are married, i unrelentingly believe that a happy, lasting marriage comes from giving 100% of yourself to your wife, and vice versa. however, in your style, be at least 51% you. remember, she chose to marry you, so you must be an alright guy. what you wear must reflect you, not just the wedding or a few color swatches. for the most part, this will be her big day - not yours - but you are the groom and you'd better look sharper than any other guy in attendance.

4. remember the rule of 49. i acquiesce that there will most likely be colors and themes at your wedding, and that's why the next rule is 49 - where the last 49% of your style reflects you fitting into the event. although, not quite as important as looking like you, fitting into your wedding is still just as crucial as dressing appropriately for whatever the occasion may be. you don't have to match the exact wedding colors - anyone telling you so has overstepped their bounds - and it even sometimes looks cheap when you do, but you do have to stay within the right color families and reflect the feel of the wedding.

5. know your options. that's up next.

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